Loan Origination System

Automate your Loan Origination with fully-integrated, end-to-end Lead Management. Our expertise in real-world Credit Risk underwriting is embedded for offering an ideally suited solution for Underwritters.

Enhance Customer Engagement & Automate Lead Capturing Process

Key facts that will lead to business transformation

Mobile or Web based Journey

Enable a digital Loan application journey for customers directly into our LOS application

Automated underwriting

Helps you to make faster consumer loan decisions

Reduce Tasks & Better Assessment

Automated processes help your underwriting & Ops team to focus on evaluation instead of mundane processes.

Efficient Workflow Engines

We offer time-tested & efficient work-flow for managing different stages of Credit application process

Compliant documentation

Digitally compliant documentation which is easily accessible, whenever you need

End to End Automation

We enable an end to end automation right from customer enquiry to loan disbursal stage

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Omni-Channel Customer Acquisition, and Rule based Credit Underwriting

Rigour enables companies to transform existing complex work-flows to a system driven logical work-flow for managing Leads efficiently

Enhance Customer Engagement

and Automate Complete Lead Generation journey

Rigour provides a Full-stack Loan origination solution

which helps Companies meet growth ambitions

  • Transform your Traditional setup to Digital Banking
  • Automate Loan Approvals and Account Openings
  • Enhance Compliance, reduce Opex and Frauds

 Its Beyond Regular CRM

10x more than regular CRM solutions

Loan origination solution is meant for managing Credit related Leads and work-flow is unlike regular CRM Tools. Know why Rigour's Loan Origination is an ideal fit for your organisation.

  • Comprehensive Policy dashboard for Credit Rule Engines
  • Generate System based Sanction & Loan Agreements
  • E-sign Integration, no separate integration required
  • Automated task management & rule based Work-flow

Feature Rich Credit Underwriting System embedded in Rigour LOS

Rule based Lead allocation to Analysts

Set up Credit Underwriting rules

In-built Policy dashboard library

In-Built Document Management system

KYC API Integration enabled

Consumer Credit Bureau Report integration

Generate System based Sanction letters & Agreements

Clause Library to customise covenants

E-sign & E-KYC Integrated

Other Typical CRM utilities