Loan Origination System

Automate Loan Origination Life Cycle with fully-integrated, end-to-end Lead Management. Our expertise in real-world Credit Risk underwriting is embedded for offering an ideally suited solution for Underwritters.

Accelerate Approval Time & Efficiency

Reduce Tasks & Better Assessment

Automated processes help your underwriting & Ops team to focus on evaluation instead of mundane processes.

Automated underwriting

Rigour LOS offers the power to eliminate the hassle of managing leads and digitising the entire workflow, resulting in faster decision making .

Upstream Integration with Customer app

We offer Customer Application webform integrated with Rigour LOS. Customise Application form template for fetching different loan applications.

Efficient Workflow Engines

We offer time-tested & efficient work-flow for managing different stages of Credit application process

Compliant documentation

Digitally compliant documentation which is easily accessible, whenever you need

Make Organisation Paper-free

Imagine the hassle of managing Customer Credit application document sets. Rigour LOS enables you to embrace a paper-less workflow with in-built Document management.

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Customisations to suit your needs

We offer various Customisations to fit your needs across the complete the Loan fullfilment cycle

  • Use our Web or Mobile app frameworks for setting up Customer Loan Application
  • API Integrations with your existing Customer Application interface
  • KYC integration with our in-house or external APIs as per need
  • Downstream integration with Loan Management Systems
  • E-sign, NACH, Payment Gateway integrations as per need

Feature Rich In-built Credit Underwriting

Most Organisations believe a Loan Origination System will address issues of Lead Management which any typical CRM handles. However, Rigour LOS offers and in-built and comprehensive Credit Underwriting system to digitise the Credit decision making process.

Credit Underwriting Rules

Setup Credit Guardrail for Consumer loan approvals like Debt to Income ratios, Total leverage, Demographics, Repayment track across 50+ parameters

Compliance Policy Norms

Setup Policy norms for KYC verifications and decide what is mandatory. Create norms for Re-KYC needs for repeat customers and many more.

Lead Allocation & Escalations

Allocate leads to multiple agents effortlessly & track lead progress. In-built feature for Deviations from norms and escalation to line managers.

Multi-Product Loan Pricing

Create multiple product schemes and price the Loans differently for each. Setup comprehensive list of Fee types for Scheme based Loan approvals.

Document Management System

In-built document management system for upload & retrieval anytime. Create Document checklist policy for Application processing.

Credit bureau Integration

We offer integration with National Credit bureau for Applicant past history checks. In-built dashboards and visualisation for Analysts for seamless decision making.

KYC Verification Integration

We offer in-house KYC API integrations readily offered for PAN, Aadhaar, Bank statement, Image match among others

Agent Collision Protection

One of the common issues in Underwriting is avoiding confusion with regards to multi-party roles. LOS offers in-built tool to avoid any Agent collision for lead processing.

Enhance Customer Engagement

and Automate Complete Lead Generation journey

Rigour provides a Full-stack Loan origination solution

which helps Companies meet growth ambitions

  • Transform your Traditional setup to Digital Banking
  • Automate Loan Approvals and Account Openings
  • Enhance Compliance, reduce Opex and Frauds

Its Beyond Regular CRM

10x more than regular CRM solutions

Loan origination solution is meant for managing Credit related Leads and work-flow is unlike regular CRM Tools. Know why Rigour's Loan Origination is an ideal fit for your organisation.

  • Comprehensive Policy dashboard for Credit Rule Engines
  • Generate System based Sanction & Loan Agreements
  • E-sign Integration, no separate integration required
  • Automated task management & rule based Work-flow