Loan Management System

Crops is a new age full-stack and completely automated Loan Management system to handle your Loan records efficiently. It requires minimal human intervention with auto-computation and monitoring of key aspects of Credit management solutions.

Credit Operations automated 10x

Algorithm Based Lending Management

Overcome shortcomings of your existing Lending software

Reduce Manual Intervention

Remove Dependency of Manual intervention for making corrections in the Loan Schedule. System does 99% work, Human effort is reduced to Monitoring

Zero Hassle Recomputations

Eveytime a Collection is done, system recomputes the EMIS for future months. Reduce errors and time for System updation & offer customer seamless experience

Automatic Recalibration

Customer Prepayment automatically Recalibrate revised Loan Schedule, no messy side computations are required by team.

Support Varied Loan Types

Are you stuck with a Monolithic System that supports only EMI Loans. Integrate various loan types like Equal Prinicipal, Bullets, Moratorium loans & other customisations etc

Automate Bad Asset Bucketing

System decides Bad assets from M0 to NPA. Bad Asset Provisioning auto computed

Straight Through Capabilities

We Empower organisations to integrate feed from Payment Gateways directly into LMS and provide Real-time updates on Collections status and more.

EMI Dashboard

Get comprehensive view of all outstanding EMI on real-time. Credit Team decision making is aligned to real inputs of Underwriting decision. We also help Organisation create Credit Prediction models based on portfolio performance

Straight Through Processing

We help Organisation integrate with the best Payment Gateways to effortlessly collect payments from Customer and integrate with the Downstream applications like Loan Management System. Work-force spend minimal effort in making tedious entries & are more aligned for value added work.