KYC / Identity Solutions

Onboard your Clients with minimum Friction

Explore Rigour KYC Platform for undertaking customer PAN verification, Video KYC, Aadhaar, Bank Statement Verification, E-sign all at one-place.

Diverse KYC needs served in One Portal

Single point of Touch for managing your Customer KYC verifications, Rigour KYC portal offers solutions listed below


Onboard your customers using Rigour KYC Mobile app

2-way Video KYC

2-Way video based KYC along with other comprehensive checks

PAN Verification

PAN ID Verification of Customers along with Face match service

Bank Records Verification

Check Bank Account Statements across 50+ Indian Banks & verify records.

Unassisted Video KYC

An unassisted user journey on video with configurable activities to determine Liveness.

Credit Bureau Verification

Check Customer Credit Track-record and analyse historic data

Aadhaar Based E-sign

Electronically Sign Legal Documents with Customers using Aadhaar based E-sign

Aadhaar Verification & Card Masking

Verify Aadhaar number, Perform number masking and others

Upstream integration with Rigour LOS or Mobile App for capturing Leads

We provide a seamless integration for capturing your Customer Leads from Web or Mobile platforms to KYC portal

Get more done with less

With short and clear user journeys, drop-off rates are minimized. Move to a Customer self-service model, at the same time delighting them with intuitive steps

  • Simplify the user flow with smooth biometric
  • Instant response to User if KYC completed
  • Reduce Operational costs & human errors

Avoid Identity Frauds at Origins

Fraudsters have different tricks to game any systems. Our purpose will be to keep a multi-layered ID checks to prevent any nature identity theft or malfeasance

  • Stop spoofing attacks with advanced biometric checks
  • Person image verification across multiple platforms to arrive at consensus
  • Ensure user documents are authentic by checking security features
  • Reveal risky clients by assigning risk scores

We provide both Front-end App and Backoffice Portal

Backend Portal for Admin access

24x7 Safe & Secure access to KYC records

Upload & Manage Video, Image files

Manage Team, Delegate work

Useful for Audits & Log management

Download Backup files at your end