Onboard Faster & Better. Document Verification Solutions

Simplify User onboarding experience and backend complexities by using document verification solutions that will instantly verify User Identity or Income documents.

Reduce Verification errors, Increase Team efficiency

Your current processes are riddled with Mutiple-layers of Manual checks and validations. Yet, there are issues related to Accuracy, Speed, Reliability and most importantly Document Management.

Rigour Document Verification Solutions provides you a Single Platform verification Automation engine which not only improves the accuracy of Verification but addresses many critical operational challenges.

You can know verify User's critical documents like ID proofs, Salary Proofs, Tax documents and others Super-fast. Elevate your Operations desk to undertake critical activities instead of getting caught in menial tasks.

Transform your Current Work-flow, Migrate to a Paper-free world

Document Verification beyond obvious benefits of ID Check solutions also helps in transforming Organisations into a Paper-free company and be resposive to Green initiatives.

Imagine the cost reductions on account no physical storage , no trans-shipments, auto safe-keeping,reduction in audit costs in a fully Digital Document Management system.

You can a conventional brick-mortar setup or an Internet based company, Document Management is required for many use cases