Credit Bureau Analytics

Data is as good as Visualisation.Imagine Analyst struggling to interpret Customer Credit data. If your Current processes are riddled with manual effort, time to Automate.

Enriched Visualisation of Credit Bureau Data

'One-Click' Visualisation

Embed Credit Bureau APIs of CIBIL, Experian directly in your Credit Underwriting System. Save time in pulling PDF reports and make it effortless & Simple


Get instant view of all Loan history, repayment trackrecord, summary of borrowings, and Enquiry history. No more side computation on Excel sheet required. Get a 360 View of Customer on Dashboard


Automatic Grouping of different credit types into major categories like Secured vs Unsecured or Mortgage, Credit cards etc. Get Dashboard visualisation in Charts and trend lines over-time

AI based Default Predictions

Get our LR, SVM, XGBOOST based Default Prediction tools to sharpen Credit Decisioning of Underwriting team.Our ML models enrich Credit Bureau data to provide default scores.


Get Loan Default data including DPD and Asset classification data visually simplified and easy for flagging and interepretation. Teams can now focus on what matters most in data analysis.

Identity Cross Validation

We help provide comparative analysis of Customer's KYC information against data from Credit Bureau as well as other data sources.

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How it works

Complete visualisation in Seconds

Whether you use CIBIL, Experian or any other major Bureau get your manual processes automated, your Users just click once to get the data points at their finger tips.

Rigour helps in end-to-end API integration of Bureau services and helps you manage KYC Compliance as well internal underwriting norms effortlessly.

The easiest decision to make which has long lasting benefits

For Business Managers Scaling up of Operations is the Key challenge. Rigour provides the idle solution for enabling business to handle volume and at the same time enhance capabilities of Credit Decision making

  • Reduce Errors, Computations like Total loan, EMIs etc are system based
  • Reduce cost of Operations by cutting down on human efforts
  • Archive past Bureau data and create comparative analytics
  • No Paperwork, no excel sheet, Documentation is fully digital