Credit Bureau Analytics

Pioneering Credit Bureau Data analytics platform that provides a simplified insight into a Borrower's Credit history

Typical Problem Area

Fetching a Credit bureau Report, documentation, analysis takes time and handled at multiple process points which results in a waiting period in the work flow. We bridge that & automate this process.

Manual Work Flow


User/Anayst will fill Customer KYC details requirement by Bureau (CIBIL) website for downloading the Document


Anayst will read through the document to check Credit history including recent loans, DPDs etc


Analyst will check the Loan outstanding figures in Report, Reconfirm with Customer, Compute Total Loan Obligations, Monthly EMI Obligations, DPD counts etx in excel


Key Credit decision points like FOIR, Debt to income ratio as computed in Excel is incorporated in the CAM for further appearaisal

Our Work Flow


Borrower KYC is fetched from records/applications and instantly Bureau records are pulled using an API service


Borrower credit records are analysed, displayed in a User Friendly format for easy interpretations. Issues are flagged EMIs are auto-computed.

Key Features


Direct Credit Bureau Integrations (CIBIL, Experian & all major CBs in India)


Predictive EMI estimator which no other Analytic tool in India Provides


Provides credit-focused grouping and alerts on data points for highlighting risks.


Offers a view of loan history, repayment history, summary of borrowings, and Enquiry history


Loan Track-record with regards DPD Suit filed or any other Legal status

Identity Cross Validation

Comprehensive KYC Checks from bureau & cross valdiation with other Key Inputs

Key Benefits

  • Completely automated- Human or Error free, reduced cost of Operations
  • Advanced computation rendered for analysis instead of undertaking cumbersome summation manually
  • EMI projections and aggregation
  • Auto KYC Check of Bureau data points with User KYC (like Name, PAN, Aadhaar, Address, Mobile no etc)