Document Extraction for Bank Statements

We help to automate process of capturing financial documents like Bank Statement and providing its Analysis in Seconds.

Extract and Analyse Statements of 50+ Banks

BASIC, our propreitary Bank Statement Analyser product supports multiple Bank Statement formats, narration styles, and provides full rendition for all major Indian Banks

How it Works

Connect to Rigour BASIC

Connect from Your native app to our service or embed inside your application

Customer Uploads Document

Allow your customers to access the path to Upload or signing into Bank Account to provide Statement

Fraud Check

Our Application checks if the Document is Fraud or Original Statement. If Fraud, statement is flagged off


Rigour deploys complex AI/ML tools that extracts, analyse and computes the data in the uploaded statement


Relevant Data points like AMB, Bounces, Total Dr, Cr, other key information is displayed for appraising officer's

Embed Bank Reconcilliation

BASIC application can be used to boost your efficiency in uploading daily transaction data into your Accounting module. Use our Reconcilliation application to map one to ones transactions of your Accounting System.

Enriched visualisation for deeper Insight

Fraud Checks
Cheque Returns
EMI Payments
Loan Disbursals
Credit Card Bills
EMI Bounces
Document Analyser- Monthly