Fintech Infrastructure Solutions

Our applications empower Organizations to transform their Credit product offerings, Solutions ranging from Customer Onboarding till fulfillment.

Lending & Credit Solutions

Loan Origination System

Integrated platform to automate your Customer Credit Lifecycle from Application to Disbursement. Rigour LICA is a ready to use, composable Lead Origination & Credit Underwriting application.

Loan Management System

Manage Post Loan disbursement activities and economic value of your Credit assets. Rigour CROPS is a new-age Automated LMS which enables end-to-end automation for fintechs.

Covenant Management System

CovenantPlus platform delivers early warning signals of deteriorating Asset quality and generates advanced covenant analytics. Ideal solution for Post disbursement Compliance Management


KYC Platform

One Portal for Multiple KYC needs, India's first ready to use cloud based KYC platform. Get Web-based platform for managing customer KYC across various ID checkpoints

Video KYC Solutions

Comprehensive Video based ID checks across multiple use cases. Avail RBI Compliant 2-way VKYC or opt for a completely Do-it-yourself VKYC (or un-assisted VKYC) as per your onboarding needs.

Bank Statement Analysis

Perform real-time Credit and Debit analytics on 50+ Banks required for various use-cases. Flag Faud bank Statements, High-value credits, EMI bounces & perform variety of analytics.

Product Design Philosophy

Reimagine Business, Achieve Automation

Domain Expertise

Our expertise is automation in financial service with team's core experience deeply embedded in Business roles of Financial Services

Out of the Box Solution

We deploy our Solutions first in-house in real-scenarios before we work with our Customers. System design is based on innovations throughout the process flow


Our applications are easily customisable as per Partner requirements. Say No to monolithic Systems and embrace Rigour

AI/ML that is Useful

AI/ML implementation is at the core of product design. Declutter the jargon around AI, ang get to understand the real-benefit

Simple Integrations

Applications are created & designed which is easily deployable and with limited disruption of current system design

Continuous Innovation

We continuous innovate our new products so that our partners get the best solutions available for meeting their requirements

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Rigour offers an easy to implement and economic option for Business focused on Credit lending or similar use cases to transform their current setup to a more agile and automated workflow. Let us partner in your transformation journey and help you maximise Leads and optimise Opex.

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Competitive Pricing

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Industry Expertise

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Cloud Hosted

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Safe & Secure

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